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Holiday Cottage with a Games Room

An open space with endless possibilities

About Games Rooms

Looking for a separate space to enjoy your favourite home entertainment? At mYminibreak, we want to make sure you can enjoy all your favourite games and pastimes while staying with us. That's why we offer long-term stays with games rooms for you to bring your hobbies on holiday with you!

Our spacious games rooms - also known as "recreation rooms" - are blank canvases to fill with whatever you need. This can be anything from a general family chill-out spot, to a place to practice your hobbies in peace, and even a home cinema! A game room is as versatile as your interests and despite the name, isn't limited to just games. If you're seeking inspiration for filling your holiday home's games room, here are some ideas!

Reserve a Games Room for your stay with us!

Entertainment Room: Snooker, table tennis, cards, and more

A good start is a room that features a variety of entertaining pastimes. There's space enough for a pool table, ping pong, or table football, so you can use your games room for fun activities to undertake with friends. Or, hang a dartboard on the wall and aim for that bullseye! Just make sure your game of darts doesn't go over the table tennis competition.

Alternatively, you can bring along a table for less active card games! Gather your pals for a friendly game of poker, blackjack, or any other card game you can fit around the table. With a TV playing in the background or a speaker filling the air with music, your entertainment room will provide a lovely atmosphere to unwind.

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Photography Studio: Natural lighting and a good angle

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  • Brown Wooden Chair Beside Brown Wooden Table

Say cheese! With an open skylight, our rec rooms make for great photography rooms with plenty of natural light! Whether your subject is a person, a pet, or a product, you'll have the room to make a high-quality photography studio.

There's enough space in our games rooms to fit all kinds of things to photograph. They can also fit a backdrop, so you can get the perfect background for the focus of your camera.

It doesn't matter if you've got a top-of-the-line camera and backdrops, or just your phone and some filters, our rooms are a great place to get the perfect image.

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Home Gym: Work up a sweat

A separate room to get some exercise in is a great idea for any fitness buff. In your workout den, you'll have enough space for simple equipment like weights and mats, as well as more complex machines like treadmills and static bikes! Bring the whole exercise routine to your recreation room for a personal gym available every day!

What's more, the games room comes with an en-suite shower, so you can freshen up after working out without even having to leave the room! You can also bring in a small fridge to store a nice refreshing drink and keep it cold so you can cool down while you exercise.

Personal Bar: A self-catering pub!

With your games room, you can try your hand at a little bartending with your own personal minibar! Get some ales on tap, spirits, mixers, and assorted pub snacks, and invite your friends into your quaint little bar. Play some chill background music, or set up the telly and put on some sports to really capture that merry pub atmosphere. And, with an en-suite toilet, your "patrons" won't even have to mess up your cottage should they need to use the bathroom! A mini pub is a fantastic and unique use for a games room.

  • Assorted Spirit Bottles
  • South-Beach-Camping: Cooking marshmallows in a fire pit

Wet Room: Store gear after hitting the waves

Situated so close to Hunstanton, our long-term let is an ideal spot for surfers, paddleboarders, kayakers, and more! And of course, you wouldn't want your equipment to drip water into your home after a long day of watersports. That's why having a room to store your wet boards, kayaks, and paddles is a great idea! You can use your games room to store all kinds of equipment and clothes, ready for your next trip out to the water! And to top it off, the attached shower makes for a great place to clean up after a day in the sea.

Mini Library: Shh!

For those that appreciate a quiet atmosphere and a good book, the games room makes for a great mini-library! With a skylight letting plenty natural light into the room and quiet surroundings.

Bring along a comfy chair, a bookshelf, and as many books as you want. You'll have the luxury of choosing between reading outside in the peaceful countryside, or reading inside in a cosy room with the necessary amenities closeby!

Your games room is a fantastic environment for you to get lost in an engaging read! Even better, you'll have the facilities to brew yourself a hot drink while you enjoy your book. Or, a fridge to keep a cool drink closeby if that's more your speed!

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Playroom: Keep the kids busy

If you're staying with the family, you can use the games room as a place for the kids to play while the adults can relax and enjoy a well-earned rest! You'll have plenty of space to put down play mats for the children to play on, as well as all their favourite toys! The attached bathroom also means they'll never be far away from a toilet.

Other ideas

There are plenty of other things you can use a games room for! Including:

Board Games: Whether you want to play a series of traditional board games or try some new ones out, you can set up a space to play them in your games room! Get some comfy chairs, a table, and some snacks and drinks for the fridge, and play to your heart's content!

Home Cinema: With just a projector, speaker, and some chairs, benches, or beanbags, you can create your very own home cinema! Dim the lights and ready the popcorn for a uniquely fun viewing experience!

Multiplayer Gaming Room: Want to take the home cinema a step further? Hook up a classic gaming console to your projector, grab some controllers, and enjoy a healthy competition in your favourite split-screen games!

Creative Room: If you're the type to find themselves full of ideas, you can set up the games room with boards and notepads to jot down your thoughts! Use whiteboards to scribble down your ideas before they leave you, and pinboards to connect your thoughts together!

And these are just a few ideas of what you can use a games room for! A versatile space for your hobbies is as malleable as your interests, whether you do want it for games or prefer to enjoy recreation in other ways.

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  • couple watching a screen in a home cinema
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  • People Sitting on a Wooden Table Playing Board Game

Games Room FAQ!

Does a games room have to have games?

Not at all! Popular definitions of a games room refer to it as a general recreation room for enjoying hobbies. This can include games, but is by no means limited to them!

What does the games room come with?

The games room has an en-suite shower and bathroom attached so they're easy to access while you're enjoying hobbies. There's also a fridge included to store food and drinks.

Who is the games room for?

In a general sense, everybody! Here specifically, it is ideal for people who have booked a time share with us for longer than 4 weeks, as they will get the most out of a dedicated recreation space

Our Games Rooms

What they are, and who they're available to

A games room is a separate room dedicated to hobbies, games, and other casual activities. The term has a variety of different names, including recreation room (or rec room), rumpus room, or ruckus room. 

Many types of rooms come under the banner of a games room, with home cinemas, dens, and man caves being considered as types of games rooms. Our games rooms are offered to people entering into a timeshare with us for more than four weeks as a separate, dedicated area for them to enjoy their hobbies or games in a space separate from the cottage. This space can be used for general entertainment purposes, pursuing hobbies, or other general recreational activities, as fits under the definition of a game room.

Wikipedia Definition

recreation room (also known as a rec roomrumpus roomplay roomplayroomgames room, or ruckus room) is a room used for a variety of purposes, such as parties, games and other everyday or casual activities. The term recreation room is common in the United States, while the term rumpus room is common in Australia, New Zealand and Canada; in the United Kingdom, the preferred term is games room. Often children and teenagers entertain their friends in their home's rec room, which is often located in the basement, away from the main living areas of the house.

Dictionary Definitions


A recreation room

Collins Dictionary

A room used for recreation, esp. for table games

Cambridge Dictionary

A bonus room might be used as a family room, sewing or hobby room, game room, home cinema, office, or den.

Games Room Gallery

  • Couple Watching TV in Home Cinema Couple Watching TV in Home Cinema
    Home Cinema
    Set up a home cinema
  • games room with table football and board games games room with table football and board games
    Entertainment Room
    No need for big tables to have fun!
  • Small photography studio lighting and backdrop Small photography studio lighting and backdrop
    Photography Room
    Set up a backdrop and get snapping!
  • group of friends playing board games group of friends playing board games
    Board Games
    Gather friends to play any board games you want!
  • home gym yoga mat weights home gym yoga mat weights
    Home Gym
    Grab the Yoga Mat and get some exercise in!
  • assorted spirits and alcohol assorted spirits and alcohol
    Be Your Own Bartender
    Try your hand at mixing drinks for all your friends and family!
  • bookshelf and pillow tucked away in a corner bookshelf and pillow tucked away in a corner
    Reading Space
    Pull up a chair and get lost in a good book
  • young adults playing a games console young adults playing a games console
    Video Games
    Bring a TV and a games console for some healthy competition!
  • work station away from the house work station away from the house
    Ideas Station
    Work in a fresh environment