Camping 101 - Tips for Camping with the Kids

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  • 22 July 2021
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The summer holidays have just begun and with Staycations being so en vogue you may be thinking of taking the kids on a camping trip. Many a great holiday has been spent out under the stars around a campfire, but for some of us this can be a little daunting… but fear not as our handy guide will give you some great tips on enjoying a summer camping staycation with the kids!

Young kids (and sometimes older kids!) love the novelty of camping out for the night, my children often ask to camp in the garden and it’s a great way of getting them out of their bedrooms and off for an adventure for the evening, even if it is just to the back garden. So when presented with the idea of a family holiday all together under canvas, cooking and eating outside all cosy around the campfire, more often than not they are beyond excited! 

It’s such a fantastic way for families to spend some time together without the daily distractions of work, school, and electronics, just you and them spending quality time together out in the countryside with plenty of fresh air and memories to be had.

So I know the transformation from house to a tent can be a little baffling, but with a little planning and some great Tetris skills, you can be on your way to a great Family Staycation!

1 - Choosing the right Campsite

We all like different things and choosing the right campsite in the right location is a must. Are you looking for somewhere close to the beach (hoping so hard that the sun comes out for your stay!) or maybe you are looking for a more rural campsite with lots of walking trails? We have 3 campsites for you to choose from, all with different experiences on offer, our Hunstanton Campsite is right by the beach and is great for families looking for a seaside holiday. Our Holme Campsite is more rural, still close to the beach but more on the quieter side, great for peace and quiet. Our Burnham Campsite is very rural and is a ‘wilder camping’ site that is close to lots of walking paths and is great for getting back to nature with the family. All of our campsites are child and dog-friendly and allow for campfires and BBQs.

2 - Ditch the electronics

I know this can sometimes be a daunting prospect, but trust me they cause more havoc than they are worth when you’re camping, from batteries going dead, to them being left out on the grass and arguments about how much time they get on them. Think about leaving them at home altogether, this will save on the arguments and leave you so much more time to enjoy your holiday as a family. Sing songs in the car, play eye spy, or the number plate game. Camping is about getting back to nature and spending time with loved ones, a few days without their screens will do them the world of good! 

3 - Rainy Days

So instead of iPads, how about bringing some games instead? From old school board games like Scrabble and Guess Who, to the more travel-friendly games such as Dobble and Uno, kids will love to get involved and play around the campfire, telling ghost stories is a classic too. Outside games such as Bat & Ball and maybe even their bikes are great things to bring too, but please check with your campsite to see if they have a policy on ball games. Whatever you decide on it’s so worthwhile to pack a few options just in case of a rainy day or to keep kids a little occupied while you get on with the BBQing!

Check out local indoor venues prior to your holiday, such as soft plays, leisure centers & arcades, these can be lifesavers if the weather isn’t as great as you would like. If you have your wellies and raincoats why not have a wet day at the beach? This can be just as fun as a sunny day and you don’t have to worry about applying endless sunscreen. 

4 - Clothes, clothes & more clothes!

It's a must when camping with the kids to bring spare clothes. Being outside almost all day is all part of the fun of camping, but can mean that some kids will need a few changes of clothes a day, especially if the weather takes a turn for the worst. Even if the weather is looking to be good, evenings can be chilly and even in the summer, you may want to bring some cosy socks and coats. After all, it’s better to have the options and not need them, than to not have them at all! My top tip is Crocs and Wellies, they are great for slipping on and off to go to the toilets and for playing at the beach whatever the weather and it doesn’t matter if they get left outside, trainers can get wet easily and take a while to dry and can be messy inside your tent, best to leave them in the car if you’re bringing them to be safe.

5 - Get the Kids Involved

While driving to your holiday, you could allocate what everyone is going to be doing so that when you arrive it’ll be no time at all until you’re set up. From banging in the tent pegs to rolling out the sleeping bags to setting up the kitchen, with so much to unpack, many hands make light work! Although this can seem idyllic when you think of your own kids, you’d be surprised how eager they are to help when camping, even the smallest ones (I find it’s the teenagers that I need to shout at most to help!!)

Most of all have FUN, keep positive, stay up late, sleep in, don’t get dressed, go out and explore, whatever you decide to do this is your family camping trip and it’s all about having a good time and making memories :)

Camping with us by the Beach

We have a great campsite right by the beach here in Heacham, why not check out our Camping & Glamping sections to see if we have a pitch for you this summer? Pitches are going fast so be quick to make a booking now!

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Free WiFi for all campers

  • Norfolk Coast B&B Cottages & Camping
  • 05 July 2021
  • Blog

Whether you need WiFi for caravans, WiFi for motorhomes or for your tent, we have you covered here at Hunstanton Camping & Glamping and Norfolk Coast B&B Cottages & Camping.

We know how frustrating it can be to go on holiday to a lovely location and then it ends up being so remote that you don't get any mobile service! Ugh! Well luckily for you at our Hunstanton venue we provide FREE WiFi for all guests that stay with us.

Facebook WiFi Check-in

To provide our guests with free WiFi we use Facebook's Check-In system where all you have to do is "check-in" at our venue to say you're here and that's it! 

Please note however that the WiFi access can sometimes not work if you are not already signed in to your Facebook account on the device you are using and your Facebook security settings don't allow you to sign in and join a new WiFi network in a different location. The problem with this is that Facebook sees this as someone trying to access your account somewhere across the country, on a "new device", on a completely new network! Unfortunately, they will then block it for your safety so, therefore, to avoid any issues please make sure you are signed in before arrival in case you don't have a data connection on site.

How to access our Free WiFi

Accessing our free WiFi is very simple and all that it requires you to do is "check-in" via Facebook at our venue and it will allow you access to our WiFi all across the venue.

  1. Open the WiFi on your mobile phone and look for the network "NorfolkCoastCampsite"
  2. Enter the password "pleasegiveusareview"
  3. Login to Facebook
  4. Check-in at our venue
  5. All done!

You can now enjoy our free WiFi while you stay with us :)

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Tips for Keeping Warm While Camping

  • Norfolk Coast B&B Cottages & Camping
  • 26 June 2021
  • Blog

Top 10 Tips to Help You Stay Warm While Camping

1. Layer underneath not just on top

It’s well known that when you’re camping, at some point you’re going to feel the cold, even when the weather is the best it can be, the evenings will always get chilly, and when it does you’ll be grabbing for every rug, blanket and sleeping bag you can get your hands on, but it’s not always wise to pile everything over the top! Don’t underestimate just how much heat is lost through the ground. The cold earth absorbs your heat during the night and a good heat-reflecting roll mat is needed, you won’t believe the difference it can make and it is essential all year round. If you’ve not got a roll mat with you, try putting some of the blankets you do have underneath you as well as on top.

2. Remember to shake your sleeping bag

Most sleeping bags work by trapping pockets of air that absorb heat from your body and then keep you well insulated. To achieve maximum insulation, therefore, give your bag a good shake before you use it to make sure it's lofty and full of air. With light bags, shake it from the bottom end to encourage the filling to accumulate in the upper sections of the bag where the insulation is most needed. Don't fill your sleeping bag with too many of your belongings either. It may seem a bright idea to stick all your clothes inside overnight to keep them warm and dry, but if you have too much it can compress the bag lining and lessen the effect of the insulation.

3. Don't tuck your head inside your sleeping bag

It’s a natural chain of events: First, you tuck your shoulders inside the sleeping bag, then your head, and then you begin retreating down inside until you are all bundled at the bottom. To get the most from your bag though, keep your face in the open. By enclosing yourself within, the moisture in your breath will begin condensing inside your sleeping bag, making it damp and ruining its insulating effect. Keep your mouth and nose in the open to keep the moisture outside. It’s condensation that makes the walls of the tent wet when you touch them in the mornings. You don’t want that inside your sleeping bag!

4. Let nature take its course

There’s nothing worse than getting tucked up for bed and then gradually realising that all those campfire beers have taken effect… you need another pee. When you're cold you need to go more frequently and there's no use holding it in. Your body has to remain at a steady temperature and, as a result, wastes energy keeping your bladder warm. Pop to the loo when you get the chance and let nature take its course – you'll sleep much better after.

5. Take the right size tent (and sleeping bag)

Tents are – for obvious reasons – a massive part of the insulation process, so smaller is better. If there are two of you take a small, two-person tent not some eight-man monster. It’ll trap your warmth far better. The same goes for your sleeping bag – if you’re small, buy small. It’ll keep you snug.

6. Put hand warmers inside your sleeping bag

A great little trick that’s a good camping alternative to a water bottle is chucking a few hand warmers inside your sleeping bag just before bed. It works a treat, is something you may well be carrying with you anyway, and is so much easier and more practical than an actual water bottle. Hand warmers can easily be bought in most outdoor and hiking shops.

7. Keep close and cosy

Unless you’re camping on your own of course! But if you’re with loved ones or friends then getting as close as possible will keep you warmer, think of penguins. But remember to keep the one that has to go to the toilet every 10 minutes closest to the door and you may want to top and tail with any snorers!

8. Don't sleep in all your clothes

Layer up by all means; the point is always to stay snug and warm in bed. Good quality merino wool baselayers that keep you warm but still breathable are your best friend here. Don’t wear all the clothes you have, in fact, as much as possible it’s wise to wear less, this allows air to circulate better and stops your body cold sweating and actually making you feel colder.

9. Put on a bobble hat

A lot of our heat is lost through our heads. People used to say 50% of your body heat in fact, though this myth has recently been proven to be just that. All the same, it can pay dividends to wear a hat especially if (see number 3.) you sleep with your head outside your sleeping bag. Take some socks specifically for sleeping too, keeping them dry to put on just before you go to bed and, if it’s particularly cold, consider wearing gloves. Even in nice summer temperatures, you may still need hats and gloves in the wee hours.

10. Turn things upside down

If you’re sleeping in conditions that could genuinely be freezing, then plan ahead. Think about what will happen to things when they freeze up. Turn your stove fuel and water upside down. Ice forms from the top down, so keeping the opening of your container at the bottom will stop it from becoming unusable first thing. Where you can, of course, insulate anything that could freeze.

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    Kings Lynn, PE31 7BB