Free WiFi for all campers

Norfolk Coast B&B Cottages & Camping
05 July 2021

Whether you need WiFi for caravans, WiFi for motorhomes or for your tent, we have you covered here at Hunstanton Camping & Glamping and Norfolk Coast B&B Cottages & Camping.

We know how frustrating it can be to go on holiday to a lovely location and then it ends up being so remote that you don't get any mobile service! Ugh! Well luckily for you at our Hunstanton venue we provide FREE WiFi for all guests that stay with us.

Facebook WiFi Check-in

To provide our guests with free WiFi we use Facebook's Check-In system where all you have to do is "check-in" at our venue to say you're here and that's it! 

Please note however that the WiFi access can sometimes not work if you are not already signed in to your Facebook account on the device you are using and your Facebook security settings don't allow you to sign in and join a new WiFi network in a different location. The problem with this is that Facebook sees this as someone trying to access your account somewhere across the country, on a "new device", on a completely new network! Unfortunately, they will then block it for your safety so, therefore, to avoid any issues please make sure you are signed in before arrival in case you don't have a data connection on site.

How to access our Free WiFi

Accessing our free WiFi is very simple and all that it requires you to do is "check-in" via Facebook at our venue and it will allow you access to our WiFi all across the venue.

  1. Open the WiFi on your mobile phone and look for the network "NorfolkCoastCampsite"
  2. Enter the password "pleasegiveusareview"
  3. Login to Facebook
  4. Check-in at our venue
  5. All done!

You can now enjoy our free WiFi while you stay with us :)

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